Where To Go

Let’s be honest it’s the group of lads that makes the stag what it is. Try not to get too caught up in where to go. Here are just a couple of pointers to get you on your way!
There are two ways by which to pick your stag location. You can choose by location alone or by picking an activity.

Firstly, it is probably best to get some information from the stag himself, as to where he wants to go and what he wants to do. He might be a groomzilla but hey, it is his stag!
If there is an activity that the stag and/or the organiser really wants to do, then I recommend picking a location where that can be done. No point booking a place and realising that you have to travel to do the activity.

If there is no activity the groom wants to do then its all about the town/city you pick. If you have a stag full of lunatics, then there no point bringing them to a quite enough town. This will only end two ways….. either there will be unavoidable trouble or in a very rare cases by the time you leave the quite locals will no longer be quite!!!