Stag Pranks

Its his last big night out before the wedding and why should he get to have fun with on consequences? The faithful tradition of the stag pranks never gets old. To be fair 99% of the time they are expecting it so its now time to get more inventive in the way you prank him!

ridiculous Costumes

This is an old one but done right can be very funny. The best thing to do is wait till the Stag is having a shower and steal all his belongings out of the room. Replace said belongings with a ridiculous costume. He is left with a conundrum, if he wants to go out he will have to war the costume.

Fake Tan

Firstly, this prank should probably only be done if the groom isn’t getting married for a month or so after the Stag. This is to insure the tan will wash off. This one can be done two different way. The first is to add very cheap very strong fake tan to the groom’s shower gel. As he washes himself he will also be tanning himself. Fair play to him. This may not be as effective as he may see the tan in the shower gel. The second way to do this is to buy spray on tan and apply generously to the Stag’s face as he sleeps, this will give him a nice healthy umpa-lumpa glow!


This is a prank that can be great fun for everyone involved, except the Stag. For this you will need to have a two-night stag planned but tell the stag it is only for one-night. Then the day before the Stag believes he is going a group from the stag party, wearing balaclavas, kidnap him! A van is preferable for this but it’s at your discretion. Without talking, drive the Stag around for 20-30 minutes. If you really want to go all out, playing a voice recording of a foreign language being spoken would be a nice touch!

The Hidden Message

This one is great, it’s simple, and its definitely our favourite here at Have a t-shirt made up with a picture of the stag or even just “Stag on tour”. Buy UV paint and write a message on the back of the t-shirt. Suggestions could be “I just Farted”, “My mammy Says I’m Great”, etc. The Stag will believe he got off lightly only have to wear a t-shirt, however every time he walks near a UV light the message will appear.